Visit Tortosa.

We propose a route that begins at the highest point in the city. The castle of the Zuda. An old fortification converted into a National Parador, and from which you can enjoy a sensational view of the city of TORTOSA, divided into two halves by the course of the majestic, although low-flow, Ebro river.

We will continue the visit at the foot, visiting the old fortification of the Castillo de San Juan. An old fortification that fell into disuse with the construction of the Castillo de la Suda, and that still maintains a large part of its walls and facilities to be visited.


Tortosa, Catedral i Jardins del Príncep from Golden Beach Apartamentos on Vimeo.

We will go down towards the river, where we will find the Principe botanical gardens. Former thermal water spa converted into an excellent showcase for the sculptural work of the artist Santiago de Santiago.

A few hundred meters away, we will find the Museum of Tortosa. An ideal enclave to understand the crossroads of cultures that this city lived through for several millennia, with the permanent exhibition of objects of Iberian, Arab and Roman origin.

Its river walk will take us to the Cathedral of Tortosa. Worth visiting is the Cathedral museum. An endless and rich exhibition of sacred art that will delight religious art enthusiasts.

If we are lucky enough to visit the city in July, perhaps we will coincide with a new edition of the Festa del Renaixement. A true transformation of the entire city into a 16th century city, at all levels. Everything is designed so that we feel that we are taking a trip to the past, and we enjoy this vision during the few days that this event is planned.